Back in Oz

We’re back in Australia after a great two weeks in Vanuatu.  We spent a little time in the capital, Port Vila, and most of our time on Tanna.

The most important news from the trip is that we are excited by the work on Tanna and are committed to going to serve there, God willing, if we are able to raise the support.

We will write more about what we found there in later posts, but for now we will give you brief highlights of the trip…

  • Sweet potato chips
  • The smell of cooking fires
  • Hibiscus-hedge gardens and coral floors
  • Bumping into a good friend Tom knew from years ago on our first bus trip when we arrived
  • Teaching on ‘Salvation’ at South Island Bible College from Romans 1-4
  • Visiting a mission field in ‘Middle Bush’ where 53 former Jon Frum people have been baptised and seeing the great work being done there – Praise God!
  • Joining a local church for their thanksgiving service for the yam harvest
  • Spending time on the beach we called ‘Paradise Beach’ with the kids
  • Watching the local kids include our kids in their play
  • ‘Chips’ the kitten
  • Getting an ‘island dress’ made for Lucy
  • Snorkelling in the ‘Blue Hole’
  • Hermit crabs
  • Seeing Tom’s side of the family and visiting Grace Church Buderim on the way back

The welcome song at South Island Bible College

2 thoughts on “Back in Oz

  1. Hi Tom and Margaret,
    Kevin Murray has just sent me the link to this web site and I am really excited to hear that you are going to the SIPBC on Tanna. I was the team leader of the ‘Workpartners’ group who built the classroom building there and I also lived on Tanna full time for two years. I just wanted to encourage you in your mission and offer myself and my wife to answer any lingering questions that you may have about the island, culture, college, locals etc.
    God bless you both.

    • Hi Len,
      Thanks so much for making contact. We have heard about you and were just thinking about how to get in contact with you. Especially in light of us trying to build a house at SIBC at the moment using local builders. Any advice would be helpful. We really need a house before we get there (January-ish) because we have three small kids and will have a new-born.
      We love the classroom. When we were there last month they had desks and chairs added. I will post some photos of the classroom in use on Kevin’s facebook if that is ok with him.
      You could contact us through facebook (below) or email

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