A Mission Fund for Students

Thomas, student at SIBC

Pastor Yarwell, principle of South Island Bible College (Tanna Island, Vanuatu), has started a mission fund for each of his students so that they will have some funds available to them for mission work when they graduate.

This week marks the 10th Anniversary of SIBC.  One way that the occasion will be marked is with a calendar with photos of each of the current students.

Ps. Yarwell’s plan is that calendars will be sold to family members and interested people for about $1.  The money raised will begin a mission fund for each student so that they will each have some money to spend on resources for mission work once they graduate.  I have no idea what other plans there are for fundraising – this is a beginning.

There are two reasons I am excited about this:

  1. It indicates that the principal’s focus for his students is to encourage them to do mission
  2. It is local people taking responsibility for local mission

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