Tanna man using MegaVoice, a solar-powered audio device loaded with a vernacular New Testament.

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Book Throwing and the Mission of God: Part 4

Did Israel Folau Quote the Bible?

For some, all Israel Folau did was to quote a 2000-year-old text. Others are not so sure. The Instagram post that led to his sacking by Rugby Australia is a meme accompanied by a ‘caption’ (using Insta’s language). Claiming that Folau quoted the Bible in his caption should be uncontroversial. There are three passages there,…

#istandwithizzy and the Little Problem of the Trinity

Israel Folau’s high profile has positioned him as the public face of Australian Christianity’s fight for freedom following his sacking by Rugby Australia. However, little has been said about what Folau actually believes and whether all Christians should really stand with him. Back in January 2018, Folau replied to a tweet saying: This is an…

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