Was Jon Frum ‘John from America’?

As I have said in a previous post on the Jon Frum cult found on Tanna Island, Vanuatu, there is great disagreement on both the origins of the cult and the identity of Jon Frum.  One particularly tantalising version has it that the name ‘Jon Frum’ came from a misunderstanding when a US serviceman who introduced himself as ‘John from America’ was misunderstood to be named ‘Jon Frum’.  When I was on Tanna in April I stumbled on a diary extract that shed a little light on the matter. Continue reading

The Venus Transit: A Monumental Missions Anniversary

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Today marks a significant second occurrence of the second transit in the pairing of Venus’s transits of the Sun since 1769.  You ask why this is significant to missions, well let me explain. Continue reading