A Mission Fund for Students

Thomas, student at SIBC

Pastor Yarwell, principle of South Island Bible College (Tanna Island, Vanuatu), has started a mission fund for each of his students so that they will have some funds available to them for mission work when they graduate. Continue reading

Kind of Green: First Impressions of Tanna

Tom worked in Vanuatu in 2002 and 2003 and had told me many stories about it.  But I went last month for the first time on a trip to further investigate mission work there and I will share with you some of my first impressions of what the country is like and then a couple of reflections. Continue reading

Back in Oz

We’re back in Australia after a great two weeks in Vanuatu.  We spent a little time in the capital, Port Vila, and most of our time on Tanna.

The most important news from the trip is that we are excited by the work on Tanna and are committed to going to serve there, God willing, if we are able to raise the support.

We will write more about what we found there in later posts, but for now we will give you brief highlights of the trip… Continue reading

A Letter from Ps. Yarwell

Pastor Yarwell and his wife, Elsie

Pastor Yarwell, principal of South Island Bible College, presented us with this letter when I visited the college in February, with Mission to the World.  It says a lot about the needs of the college and how we can meet them. Continue reading