We’re excited to launch our mid-term mission program.

Please be in prayer that this work will support local mission workers and their church planting work on Tanna as well as grow Christian ministry here and overseas.

Words of Eternal Life

DSCF8134‘A – a – ants,’ the class chants, diligently repeating after the teacher. Along with the photocopy of the alphabet and its corresponding sounds, the students each have a copy of John’s Gospel in front of them; a book they very much hope to be able to read one day after completing the three modules of their literacy course. ‘It will only be through reading it for themselves that they will really change,’ the mission worker explained to me.   After watching for a while, I had the feeling that it will be a long process. But when they have come as far as they have, there must be hope. Continue reading

The Number of Fear

Mission WorkerA mission worker called for assistance at his mission field due to SDAs ‘making trouble.’  I only heard about it at the last minute but did what I could to get there after what had already been a long day.

It seemed that the ‘trouble’ was to do with the number of the beast from Revelation 13:18 and the mission worker had called a week long workshop to work through the issue and other issues relating to the SDAs.  He had called for the assistance of a pastor, and since I was the mission director and the only pastor with transport, the job fell to me.  Continue reading

From the Prayer Letter… Proclaiming the Kingdom

In Vanuatu’s national language Bislama, talemaot means to reveal, confess, or declare.

It is often used in the Bible in the context of proclaiming the gospel.  Isaiah declares beautiful the feet of the one who comes to talemaot good news (Isa 52:7).  When Jesus gathers his disciples before sending them out, he instructs them to talemaot that the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Mat 10:7). Continue reading

“Two Hats”: A Review

Two Hats

A film by Andrew Garcia

 “Lord, Lord I want to make a difference.  But how?  How can I make a difference?  And do they need change?  Do they want change?  If they do, where do I start?  What right do I have to burst in on their culture and expect them to change?  What are they thinking?  Why do they do what they do?  I guess I need to make some changes too.  Lord, help me to understand so that I may be understood and make your message clear.” Continue reading