From the Prayer Letter

Ready, Settle, Go!

DSCF2930      We are  very much in a ‘settling in’ period.  After a little waiting and much getting ready, we have made in to Tanna and are now through the first term of the college year.  Yet in every way we feel very new here and are doing what we can to settle in physically and culturally. Continue reading

A Rough Road to Mission Fields

On Tanna vehicles are things that are pushed as well as driven

On Tanna vehicles are things that are pushed as well as driven

As well at teaching at a Bible college on Tanna, I have also been asked by Southern Islands Presbytery to support a group of local mission workers who are working to evangelise members of the John Frum cult and the ‘Unity in Christ’ Movement.

I am not sure exactly what my role will be, but I will be involved in training, encouraging, and providing resources.  To do this effectively I need to be able to get to their villages.  That is where the vehicle comes in. Continue reading

From the Prayer Letter… Proclaiming the Kingdom

In Vanuatu’s national language Bislama, talemaot means to reveal, confess, or declare.

It is often used in the Bible in the context of proclaiming the gospel.  Isaiah declares beautiful the feet of the one who comes to talemaot good news (Isa 52:7).  When Jesus gathers his disciples before sending them out, he instructs them to talemaot that the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Mat 10:7). Continue reading

A Thought for Food

Lunch at SIBC

When Tom and I got married cooking was not my forte and in fact I think Tom cooked most of the meals in that first year. But with practice (and lots of watching Tom) I have come to enjoy cooking and being in charge of meals for our growing family. So on our recent trip to Vanuatu I was keen to get an idea of what food and cooking will be like for our family next year. Here are some of my observations and thoughts… Continue reading