Cargo cult in Vanuatu | Vlad Sokhin, photojournalist

Cargo cult in Vanuatu | Vlad Sokhin, photojournalist.

The link above is to the blog of a photojournalist who has recently travelled to Sulphur Bay to photograph the Jon Frum movement.

I was interested in his opinion that the Jon Frum cult won’t be around for much longer.  I asked him why he thought that, and his response is interesting (see the comments on his page). Continue reading

Streams of Living Water

Sulphur Bay

In its heyday, the Jon Frum cult attracted thousands of people to its ceremonies.  Today I am told that only a few hundred attend.  The way that that has happened is all to God’s glory, and I will tell it as best as I know.  I will begin in this post with some of the more spectacular events related to fresh water in Sulphur Bay, the centre of the movement. Continue reading