About Us


Tom is a lecturer at Enefa Ministry Training Centre teaching Theology, New Testament, and Evangelism and Mission, and is part of the mission committee of the Southern Islands Presbytery.  He teaches at college four days a week and visits mission fields to support local missionaries once a week.  Tom is a teaching elder with Westminster Presbyterian Church and studied at Trinity Theological College in Perth, Australia.  He likes sailing, fishing, photography and taking the kids on ‘adventures.’


Margaret schools our four kids and runs the home.  Margaret is a trained primary school teacher, likes to read kids’ books, play music, dabble in crafts and joins Tom in a love for curries.

The Kids

Sam (2008), Lucy (2009), Tim (2011), and Annie (2012) seem to enjoy life on Tanna, where they like going to the beach, climbing trees, chasing chickens, and collecting fruit and nuts in the bush.  They also like books, watching DVDs and playing with anything with a screen.  They have friends in both Australia and Vanuatu.

Richards Family Photo, Tanna, VanuatuTRPH3475-7

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