About Us

The Richards Family is based at Talua Theological Institute in Vanuatu* where Tom lectures in Systematic Theology and is serving as Curriculum Developer while the college goes through major changes in its academic program in order to comply with national and international standards. This curriculum needs to be created in a way that addresses the cultural and ministry context of Vanuatu. Here is a video explaining this aspect of our work:

Tom is also working on a digital media ministry called Trutok Media (trutok means truth), which aims to bring solid Bible teaching into Vanuatu’s fast-growing digital environment. One effect of globalism has been a recent growth in the use of smartphones and access to social media platforms. Tom is working to create videos, audio material, and other digital resources in Vanuatu’s languages to reach the next generation of seekers and Christians.

Margaret teaches Sam, Lucy, Tim, and Annie, works to build relationships within the college community, and mentors wives of students.

*We previously lived on Tanna island (hence the name of the website) but have now moved to Santo where Tulua is located.