Around South Island Bible College

Here is a quick pictorial tour of South Island Bible College where we are strongly considering living and teaching.

The day that I visited was the day after the edge of a cyclone passed the island so some things may be a little rougher than normal.

This classroom building (left and above) with three classrooms and a resource room between them, was built by the Presbyterian Church of Australia over three years through their Work Partners program.  It is build to withstand cyclones and is an excellent facility.

The college has no electricity or phone, but it does have running water.

The principal’s house with the principal, Ps. Yawell, his wife Elsie and their youngest son (whose name I can’t remember).




The visiting lecturer’s house






The ‘married accommodation’.  A married couple would get one end of this building.





The (new but unfinished) women’s accommodation





The men’s accommodation (inside)








Why does the “small house” always get the best view?





Across the other side of the valley at the top of this hill are the ‘gardens’ where the students and staff farm their food.  It is a long way down and back up again on foot!




View out to sea






The student lounge and the kitchen and dining facility, where the college meals are cooked and eaten.





Here is a 360 degree pan of the college.  I’m not sure if it will give you the feel of it, or just make you seasick.

So, what do you think of South Island Bible College?

2 thoughts on “Around South Island Bible College

  1. OK I’m getting the idea…hopefully everyone can fit into the classroom building when the cyclones come?! Belinda

  2. Yea, that’s right it’s a pretty solid building built by people who knew what they were doing. If a big cyclone did hit they would probably get people from the surrounding villages in there as well. There are two classrooms so I guess it is boys in one room girls in the other!
    Actually, a cyclone would be scary but it would be kind of fun to bunk in with everyone.

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